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With the most recent publication “CSR and Social Enterprise” Springer Gabler has published the 50th title within five years in the German management series Corporate Social Responsibility. “Smart entrepreneurs think the present from the future – they realize that entrepreneurial solutions for social and ecological problems are urgently needed and simultaneously provide a source for earning money” as editor René Schmidpeter explains the series’ success. The book series covers all areas of business administration linked to CSR:  marketing, supply chain management, personnel issues, financial topics, and many more…

Management Reihe Corporate Social Responsibility


CSR, Sustainability, Ethics & Governance



CSR in Rheinland-Pfalz

Eds: Schmitz, Marina, Schmidpeter, René

CSR und Social Enterprise

Eds: Kraemer, Alexander, Edinger-Schons, Laura Marie

CSR und Interkulturelles Management

Eds: Karlshaus, Anja B., Mochmann, Ingvill C.

CSR und Fußball

Eds: Werheid, Marc, Mühlen, Matthias

Opportunities and Pitfalls of Corporate Social Responsibility

Eds: Mugova, Shame, Sachs, Paul R. (Eds.)2019

International Dimensions of Sustainable Management

Eds: Schmidpeter, René, Capaldi, N., Idowu, S.O., Lotter, A.

Rethinking Strategic Management

Ed: Wunder, Thomas

Responsible Business in Uncertain Times and for a Sustainable Future

Eds: Capaldi, N., Idowu, S.O., Schmidpeter, R., Brueckner, M.

Leadership in the Context of Religious Institutions

Eds: Müller-Stewens, Günter, Wolf, Notker

Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility in Tourism

Eds: Lund-Durlacher, D., Dinica, V., Reiser, D., Fifka, M.S.

Code of Conduct on Transnational Corporations

Ed: Rahim, Mia

Corporate Governance in the Banking Sector in China

Ed: Zou, Weikang

Integrated Reporting

Eds: Idowu, Samuel O., Del Baldo, Mara

Quakers, Business and Corporate Responsibility

Eds: Burton, Nicholas, Turnbull, Richard

Corporate Social Responsibility in Poland

Eds: Dlugopolska-Mikonowicz, Aneta, Przytula, Sylwia, Stehr, Christopher

Innovation Management and Corporate Social Responsibility

Ed: Altenburger, Reinhard

Moral Disagreements in Business

Ed: Eabrasu, Marian

ISO 26000 – A Standardized View on Corporate Social Responsibility

Eds: Idowu, Samuel O., Sitnikov, Catalina, Moratis, Lars

Corporate Social Responsibility in Brazil

Eds: Stehr, Christopher, Dziatzko, Nina, Struve, Franziska

Corporate Social Responsibility and Reporting in Sports Organizations

Ed: Valeri, Massimo


CSR und Fashion

Ed: Heinrich, Peter

CSR und Mitarbeiterbeteiligung

Eds: Beyer, Heinrich, Naumer, Hans-Jörg

CSR und Nachhaltigkeitssoftware

Eds: Weber, Gregor, Bodemann, Markus

CSR und Hochschulmanagement

Eds: Raueiser, Markus, Kolb, Monika

CSR und Compliance

Eds: Kleinfeld, Annette, Martens, Annika

CSR im Gesundheitswesen

Eds: Keller, Katrin, Lorenz, Franz

CSR und Kommunikation

Ed: Heinrich, Peter

CSR und Familienunternehmen

Eds: Altenburger, Reinhard, Schmidpeter, Rene

CSR und Geschäftsmodelle

Ed: Bungard, Patrick

CSR und Corporate Volunteering

Eds: Dreesbach-Bundy, Suska, Scheck, Barbara

Sustainable Business Models

Eds: Moratis, Lars, Melissen, Frans, Idowu, Samuel O.

Managing Social Responsibility

Ed: Turker, Duygu

Disciplining the Undisciplined?

Eds: Brueckner, Martin, Spencer, Rochelle, Paull, Megan

Current Issues in Corporate Social Responsibility

Eds: Idowu, S.O., Sitnikov, C., Simion, D., Bocean, C.G.

Corporate Governance in Banking and Investor Protection

Eds: Díaz Díaz, Belén, Idowu, Samuel O., Molyneux, Philip

Conscious Business in Germany

Eds: Stahlhofer, Nicolas Josef, Schmidkonz, Christian, Kraft, Patricia

Building New Bridges Between Business and Society

Eds: Lu, H., Schmidpeter, René, Capaldi, N., Zu, L.

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