Our Teaching Approach at CASM

„A trademark of good education is the desire that you want to learn more when you‘re done” 

In our understanding, students are creators of solutions to the complex economic problems of our time. In this context, lecturers serve as facilitators of transformation. Hereby, they provide students with the intellectual framework they need in order to implement a sustainable and responsible management approach in the future – This lies at the heart of our CASM teaching approach.

Changing industries, societal tensions, and global instability are some of the eclectic problems of our time. They call for flexible thinking and diverse solutions. In our view, sustainable management acts as an interdisciplinary platform to tackle these complex economic challenges. The sustainable management approach can, and should, be utilized by thought leaders and corporate decision-makers to initiate – and maximize – positive societal and economic transformation.

Teaching Apporach at CASM: Empower and Inspire to Lead Sustainably

Our objective is to give students space to re-think and re-shape society and economy. We want to encourage them to overcome the boundaries of established patterns of traditional academic thinking. Sustainability is a multi-faced and complex topic. CASM considers teachers to be facilitators whose purpose is to provide students with a fundamental grasp of the issues at hand. Most importantly, we aim to clarify that corporate success and sustainable actions are not mutually exclusive.

Students are empowered to develop their own point of view. We hereby focus on making visible to them the differences between conventional and new management approaches as well as the connection between different management disciplines. We further want to enable students to identify challenges and opportunities of sustainable management. Through this, CASM wants to inspire them to develop innovative business models and practices that are both, sustainable and profitable.

Within the scope of our teaching approach, CASM links academic excellence with managerial know- how. We thus combine new results of CSR and sustainability research with established management tools. Within this, it is essential to understand that there is not one explanation for the phenomenon of sustainability. Rather, we see the topic as an ongoing, dynamic discussion which needs to be shaped and driven towards finding future-fit solutions.

CASM offers a platform for this discussion in which students, academics and business professionals are welcome to participate and contribute. By this we aim to enable each student to develop their own understanding of sustainable management. Ultimately, through our teaching approach at CASM we strive to foster open, critical and future-oriented mindsets in our students.


business management as one solution for global challenges.


an alternative management perspective.


relevant competencies through open spaces and opportunities.

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