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Lecture Series “Food for Thought”

Fall / Winter 2020 (for more information see below)

Food for Thought – A Lecture Series on Re-thinking and Transforming our Tomorrow

We live in a complex and ever-changing world. How can business contribute to solving the various crises we face? How can we ensure a prosperous and just future for people and planet? How does digitalization affect our climate? Is it possible to reach total transparency within our supply chains? How can we make sure AI is operating in responsible ways?…

Throughout the semester, we are excited to bring you insights and discussions on those and many other interesting topics regarding the transformations currently reshaping society and business. Join us online to learn, discuss and re-think the way we live, work and do business!

Everyone taking part in at least four sessions (up to three can be from Sustainability Days) of the lecture series will receive a participation certificate at the end of the semester.

Please register for each session of the lecture series seperately through our CBS Career Service.

Bonus perk: Receive a yummy recipe from us before each session & snack away while indulging in some “Food for Thought” with the following guests:

Session VII: José Antonio Morales, 20. May, 18.00-19.30 pm

José Antonio Morales

Building Our Next Civilization

We are excited to welcome on May 20th José Antonio Morales. In this lecture, he will share a perspective on building the next version of our civilization: A civilization built on top of freedom, not fear. I believe entrepreneurship is the fuel and responsible business practices are the method.

Since the beginning of our civilization, we have been fighting against real and imaginary threats. Our noble purpose, protecting our communities and supporting their progress. We built defensive societies, ready to harbor cultures of privilege, exploitation, and discrimination. We invented business.

Today we intuit that the old system doesn’t work for us anymore. We see the cracks in our modern societies, and many of us want to take action.

We want to build a new system, new foundations. We want the progress we have achieved so far to reach every corner of the planet. We want to live meaningful lives despite our weaknesses; we want to be accepted. We know we can live in harmony with nature, and we know we must.

Are you one of those who want to take action and build a better world? Can your entrepreneurial spirit empower you and inspire others to create the next level of human society?

Session VI: Kamil Barbarski, Search Inside Yourself, 18. May 11.00-12.30 pm

Kamil is an entrepreneur, agile coach and innovation facilitator as well as a Certified Teacher for Google’s “Search Inside Yourself” program. He works as a bridge-builder between “creating impact / new business” and “being human / people & culture”. To connect these two worlds he creates innovative experiences that meaningfully transform people, organizations and markets.

On the 18th of May, we welcome Kamil Barbarski for our Food for Thought lecture.

By now, most people realize that openness, collaboration and sometimes even failure, are necessary to enable innovation. However, it is difficult to integrate this into everyday life, because up to 90% of our behavior is determined by unconscious habits and emotions. Through emotional agility and mindfulness we can cultivate the awareness of these inner processes and the openness to change them (Capgemini, Emotional Intelligence Report, 2019). Search Inside Yourself takes an evidence-based approach combining neuroscience, attention-training and emotional intelligence. The program provides practical tools that can be applied immediately in life or at work and allow for deep transformations through accessible and practical content.

Join us for a transformative session with Kamil where you will get a first taste of the SIY program.

Session V: 06. May 2021: Jonathan Funke, Tip-me, 6-7:30pm

Jonathan is the CEO and Founder of tip me. He is the visionary in the tip me team and has been dealing with social problems since a young age. At the age of five, he founded the international children’s radio “Radiojojo” with his father. As a teenager, he started winning awards and launching social initiatives like “Sharewood” and “City, Country, Flow”. He is one of the youngest TEDx speakers in Germany.

On May 6th, we welcome Jonathan Funke from TipMe.

In 2016 Jonathan founded together with Helen and Robin tip me. The mission is to provide solutions for fair value chains. Further, tip me wants to strengthen transparency and responsibility in supply chains and support consumers in making informed and sustainable decisions. To do this, they use the digital opportunities of our time.

But how do you start a social enterprise? Jonathan Funke will give an insight behind the scenes. In his interesting Food for Thought lecture, you can find out what it’s really like to set up a company and whether this could also be something for you

Stay tuned for further information and visit their Website HERE.




IV Session: CSR Student Team 28. April 2021 6- 7:30pm

CSR Student Team is a student initiative consisting of voluntary members . They are interested in promoting topics such as​ corporate social and environmental responsibility​ and gender equality. Read more HERE. 

The CSR Student Team is delighted to present an interesting Food for Thought lecture about the topic of different sectors of e-mobility in the tourism field.

We are looking forward to an interesting discussion and will provide further information soon.

Please register for each session of the lecture series seperately through our CBS Career Service.

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