CE-IP (Circular Economy In Practice)


The project aims to develop information materials and training to support the implementation of circular economy principles in microenterprises, with a focus on training unemployed and low-skilled workers. During the project period, the following intellectual outputs (IOs) will be developed and tested by the partners:

Project outputs:

IO1 – Training guide on circular economy management strategies for micro enterprises.

IO2 – Multimedia training resources with a 360º web base on good practices and innovative ways to extend the useful life of textile products.

IO3 – E-learning course for trainers on circular economy. In the development of this intellectual output, a pilot course for 60 trainers will be launched, the end result of which will be that each trainer will design a training course for unskilled adults.

Project duration: 36 months (01.12.2020-31.12.2023)

Project Website – Circular economy in practice.

Visit the Website here. 


Project partners: UJI (Spain) (Project lead), AEGARE (Spain), Razvojna agencija Sotla (Slovenia), Social Innovation and Cohesion Institute (Greece) und Italien (CNIPA Puglia)


Social Innovation & Cohesion Institute


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Consorzio Nazionale per I´Istruzione Professionale e Artigiana

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